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Would you say it's best to focus on one girl from the beginning or mingle around until given the option to commit? You've mentioned theres no penalty for now as this isnt a harem but still early game. I'm curious how you imagine the games structure as it goes forward and how much the heroines will stay involved as supporting cast when the player narrows down their route choice.

A few already asked about and I'll keep the answer more or less the same. You can currently pursue multiple girls, and you aren't actively penalized for it. But the further you go into the game, the harder it will be to try and please everyone. If a girl asks you to hang out 3 times, but each time you went somewhere else, you will see consequences. Or later in the game if you decline a girls advance, they'll remember it and it might be very hard to regain her love interest.

With that being said, this is my very first adventure in both game making, but also any story writing, so I'll do my best to make it a good mixture of entarteining and challenging, but also relatively clear if you are in a danger zone of losing a route. I won't promise, but there is an idea to help players with it in ep4 or ep4.5 ^^

I have lots of segments visualized how they should go in future, but not all is written in stone nor in full detail. The general idea (don't fully quote me on that) is to keep the girls around your life even if you decline them, just in (depending which ones of the girls) much lesser degree. 

what genres/themes are in this game?

Mostly Slice of life, but there will be more drama as time goes by. Naturally adult game so will be sex related stuff (only one lewd scene in current version).
And the rest is like the tags show here, so romance, humor, dating sim, choices matter etc.


This game was amazing, didn't even notice the time pass, though the character meetup from Eternum was fun, lol 


Glad you liked! Will be more small cameos in future for other games too, so be on a lookout ^^


great game with great story so far, definitely exceeded expectations! 


Great game, i play the whole game without seeing the time pass, can't wait for future update !


I played this game before couple of updates and every update before, i was thinking - now i will choose another girl for mainline but than i saw Avis again... and forget about anybody else. Avis is fantastic ^_^


I'll add you on the list of the ever growing Avis-simp-train. 😁
Thanks for playing!


I like the non-harem idea, forces you to actually pursue one girl and making it realistic. What i would want to know is will there be any consequences to doing so or not? Like a surprise pregnancy or something idk or the girls finding out you're cheating. My main fetish is like having family, getting a girl pregnant and spending your life with her, which a lot of games don't do. 


As I've answered in some posts before, pregnancy won't be some real part of the story. Do I wish to have it in some characters endings? Kinda, yeah. But besides such endings, no.
Cheating, maybe. Naturally here I can't say much, especially as I don't have myself everything set in stone yet, but you might anger some if you really go for everyone constantly.

Any hint ! Releasing the next episode when it will be coming


Only thing you can check are the progress reports. I am (if I don't screw sth up) finishing the biggest hurdle of the university in 2-3 weeks, so I can finally focus on the game instead, which will speed it up drastically ^^
I don't expect it in <2 months.


Ok ! Thanks for the reply and i  really enjoy the game when I played and i really appreciate u for this game and i see ur hard work in it . Can't wait for the next episode 😉

you're in uni and making this? wow! GG dev i would love to how do u created this in every aspects (i'm studying game design so im truly curious)


Hey Katana, your game is great and I need more Avis. I'm not asking for anything specific, and if you can't answer that's fine, but about how often do you try to push out an update? I'm only asking so I'm not checking (and sad) every day. Also, any other faves besides Caribdis and Jestur?


For now, there is no real schedule, as I've been swamped with my last year of university exams. After I'm done with that, I do hope to speed up and go for 3 releases per year. I still have to move out (out of my family's place) which is also slowing me down, as well, working during summer on a lewd game with open doors with parents around isn't optimal 🤣
But yeah, I hope for much speedier releases once I am free.

Thanks for the answer, I appreciate it. Best of luck with school, and I'm really looking forward to your next release.


And forgot to reply, for similar style (render software) I'd recommend NiiChans games too, My bully is my lover and Sicae ^^

Niichans games? Where can I find them?

Also on Itchio!

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请问一下  有中文吗 我是国人

Only English, sorry! (both game and speaking)

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I really hope you change your mind about the harem option. In carbis game you can choose to be monogamous or have a harem ending and its really refreshing to have the option. I've had a few girlfriends in my life so its not something I fantasize about but a harem is far out my reach and games like these let me live out those fantasy.

And the characters are really great, they all feel natural so far.

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To each their own, as the phrase goes.
While technically true (for Caribdis's games), his game is undeniably first and foremost a harem, and you don't get any benefits if you choose one girl (as in, more content and scenes for that one girl).
Almost no HS1/2 games are non-harem, and I wanted mine to be that way, as I find it much more challenging to write, but also fun to add more depth to relations. It also adds a big layer of replayability, and most of my players really enjoyed that part. So no, for now it won't be any harem possibilities.

Edit: just to not sound wrong, I love playing some harem games myself, and his games are my favorites! Just saying that everyone can choose their own writing and the preference for it.

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Can i unlock everything that is now in the gallery? 


Yup! All are unlockable. But they aren't possible all in one playthrough.
If there are difficulties, there is a pdf file on my patreon (walkthrough) with info how to get each.

oh, thank you! that's an amazing game!!!

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Lmao, Chang's appearance surprised me.


so he's THAT Chang!


since i saw something about eternums creator doing a colab and this was recommended as another to play in jetsurs disc i' have it set and ready to play after i finish once in a lifetime XD looks good from what i'm seeing here tho XD 


I hope you enjoy it!
I don't think I am nowhere near as good as those two "heavy hitters" of vn creation (Cari and Jestur), but hopefully you find some parts interesting ingame ^^

i will let you know its my next game still on once in a life time but it looks promiseing!


hello i understand that this isent a harem game but if it isent idk what to do, do i treat other girls more harshly and not as how do i put it flirty or what  cause i dont want it to effect the scenes of the person i like the most. 

btw awesome game it reminds me a lot of eternum which i loved a lot and i heard u guys had a collab which is AMAZING.


Nothing different than many other non-harem games out there.
It's still early game, no real big punishments yet if you go for all girls. As I've said multiple times in the comments below, the longer the game progresses, the more it would be beneficial to focus on one. 
Why would you need to be harsh to any of them? 

i dident mean hurst like that😁 i just meant  if i should have just backed off a little  so i didn't mess something up not being harsh



Is chang a cameo in this game. I'm shocked chang just spawn out of nowhere and falazio and chang heist is this connected to Eternum or just for cameo?. Who would not like chang, He is the best mastermind for the heist.


Just a cameo!
Cari (dev of Eternum) was happy to make a small cameo switch between our games ^^

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I'm new to itchio. Do the games on here stay free or become paid after they are complete? (I've only ever paid for games on Steam. Will this be on Steam if it is paid?) This is my first comment/ review ever on ITchio.

Anyways this is my comment/review and is probably not  the majority opinion but it's my honest opinion on the game and my suggestions as well (Which are bias to my own opinion as well).

I really like the game so far BUT I like the first half more than the second half. In fact I don't like the second half as much especially with the game we have to play (Please make it optional and not mandatory... I haven't played all routes yet but I think it's mandatory).

Also my favorite girls are Avis and KoKo. (I wish to tell KoKo that I want her free to make her own choices. I love her kind attitude.... I wish Avis was a bit cooler headed... but I love her free spirit.... Obviously I don't like the bullies or the girls who associate with them. Not far into the game yet)] to know about them because I have not played all routes).

I am very happy this has monogamous routes and not Harem routes... I'm not too far into the game but how can we talk to the other girls without feeling like we are betraying KoKo/Avis?(Only for future playthrough.... Isn't it weird I hate the idea of harem but I am somewhat okay with playing multiple playthroughs to see each characters route...IS that bad?)

BUT Actually I think you should make it s that we are NOT forced to do sexual things with other girls. Starting when we have to play "the game" like when I wanted the Avis route we have to get kissed my Selene if we win the ball game and the kiss with koko is required too... so I can't do Avis route without kinda cheating? (You should allow us to choose NOT to participate in the game... or at least NOT have to do things with other girls aside from the one you want as your route?)

Actually I have a lot of personal dislikes about "the game" (Mainly because we cannot partner with out chosen girl and are fored to particiate) and we have to play. I would prefer if we could just choose NOT to play that game... But anyways at one point we can see our characters Pen*s and it is huge like a 7 or 8 inch... you should make some type of option at the beginning of the game where we can filter some things like our Pen*s Size. Small Medium and Large... if possible. I have a small one in RL and would love to be able to have a character that also could be the same size  so can you make different imaged based on like a few questions before we play the game so we can choose a pure monogamous route, skip the game , select to not drink alcohol, and choose pen*s size? like small could be 1 to 3 inch, medium could be 4 to 6 inch, and large could be 7+ inch (I want an Avis route here she can encourage and talk good about my small pp and reassure me and I'm tired of games that make you have a big one when you actually don't have a big one because it makes me upset honestly).

I would be okay if the game was only focused on shipping our Character and KoKo and no other girls rather then any harem type of game.... I definitely prefer either KoKo or Avis but I lean towards KoKo.

I am happy that we can reject Selena when she tries to have sex with you and gets on top of you to hurt Avis (I am doing Avis Route).. I hope you allow p more options to REJECT stuff. I personally don't like drinking alcohol, I only want ONE girl and am VERY committed so I want a monogamous route with one lover and then friends who don't try to kiss you or have sex with you.


There are a lot of points here so I'll try to answer a few.
-> it will stay for free, unless by some miracle they change it to allow to be published on Steam, which they won't
-> there will never be a perfect compromise for everyone between freedom and forced routing. Some want total freedom in all their choices, while many others hate that it and don't want 50 saves for each and every option. Considering each pathing increases difficulty in writing, I try to strike some kind of balance. I already think I have more pathing than many similar games
-> I don't think kissing is an issue, some people express their appreciation that way, like on the cheek. Naturally, the actual real sexual content can be denied. Unless you are already deep into a characters route,  because, well, why would you decline then 😁
-> well preferences again, can't satisfy everyone. But no, I am not crazy enough to render each and every one of the renders and animation depending... Which dick size you selected? That'd be an absolute huge task later in the game. I might make such double renders for some special case like "choose which outfit a girl will have in one scene", but as it says, only for one specific scene/s, not for whole game
-> I don't drink much either, but it's an university setting and there will be even more parties and drinking later. It's part of the setting

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I think your game is perfect enough with the routes, I'd rather just options NOT to do things rather then add so may convoluted things (but I get it maybe some of those things are involved in the future so they would have to happen then fine)

PP size: You could make the size normal for most people don't have a huge one.... Why not make the small one in addition to that large one we already have. I don't know much about making games but it seems like it would be easier than making all of those additional routes and stuff especially since you have so many booty images and other images I don't  see how it would be so difficult (couldn't you literally just keep the same image and shrink the size down OR as a fun thought can the other male characters end up with the girl you didn't choose and we can have a side story of them and they could have different sizes?)

IS this game about 50 percent completed? more or less?

I haven't read all the patch notes and stuff but also what is you favorite character since you are the creator? Is it Selena? She seems to have the most sexual and a sex scene so far as well (And I do like the fact we can decline or accept sex BUT also know kissing can be cheating as well... like I literally have not had a hug in real life in over 10 years LITERALLY so I would consider hugging to be cheating as well... So for me I don't know how to accept being so close to all the characters without feeling like I am somehow cheating in a single playthrough  if that makes sense?)

is this a harem? or just pick one girl type of deal?

Nope, not a harem. However in current content, you aren't penalized much for going for all girls. It will be more and more difficult in future though!

Is this game ended

Nope, still far from over!


Love this game, just came here to say this. Cant wait for next update however far out it is


Will be a while, but hopefully a good update! 😊

hi, I don't know if you're already aware of it but I'd like to report an error( or bug Idk the difference) in the android version, I downloaded the apk file and I was really excited when I finally opened the game but when I tried to start the game it crashed- I tried restarting, redownloading, etc..but the results are the same,  I don't know, maybe it's just my phone or whatever, I'd just wanted tell you.

so sorry for rambling this long, I hope I don't make you uncomfortable or uneasy about it 🥹


Hey there!
As crappy as the answer is, unfortunately, for mobile related issues I can't do much. Even my own phone is now getting too outdated and can't really support running it anymore.
Only things I can ask/say is:
- I suppose you didn't play previous versions/updates of this so don't know if it's only breaking for 0.3 update?
- Does reinstalling help in any way?
- Did you try playing it via some tools like what people seem to mention often, JoiPlay?

That's all I can really do from my side. Newer renpy versions (which I also now use) made it more prone to not work on older devices, but even if I didn't use the newer one, it can still sometimes refuse to work or even refuse to install. Maybe someone else from the community here that is on Android can help further.


Good game give it a try! 


Glad you liked it!




Hello, please do try to use English, even though it might not be good.
And the answer is no at this moment, only English version officially, and I believe an Italian version as well. Nothing else at this moment.

My attempt, but I won't continue commenting in another language:


Thank you for your reply, and I'm sorry to disturb you.

Hi I am kind of new to AVNs. in the future when there is an update, do I just patch the new files to existing file or should do I have to move safe files from previous version to the new one?

should be fine to just move the save files


Hey there!
If you playing on pc, you can just delete old game folder when new update arrives and unzip the new game. No copy pasting etc. needed. The real saves are located deeper in windows userdata/appdata anyway.

If you on Android, uhh, can't help much there, hopefully some community members can help. I can't play it on my own device so others can help more for sure 😅


Usually with ren'py games on Android save files are located somewhere in root/Android/data/com...%APPNAME%/saves. It might take some searching at first, but they're not that hard to find. However, when you uninstall the old version of the game these files are also deleted, so it's best to keep them somewhere safe after you've finished current version walkthrough (I copy them to my PC for example)

Thank you so much. I am loving this game and can't wait for new updates!


i enjoyed it alot but what im asking myself is that if you could just somehow meet MC from eternum for like a moment it would be so funny

Hey bro how long is gameplay?

It depends a lot on reading speed, and also if you try other choices/reload. One play should be 2-3 hours roughly.


I play many similar games, but dude...
That one is best so far. I just complete it in one run, and waste entire night because i cant stop playin. 
I really believe in characters and story (especially jokes) its fully gets me. And girls models is so sweet, what a great work. 
I mean, i fan of Quake games bc i need maximum gameplay and story for me usually its something i play some big VN really rarely, but now, im just your new fan.
Just look at me - i finally create account on itchio just for that comment.
Great job, Kat. Sincerely.


Aww, thanks a lot!
Glad you enjoyed all the aspects of it ^^

Just finished 0.3 what an ending! But surprised me how little sex was in it, first 3 Chapters is a PG! :)


As the game says, it's a very slow character building one ^^

Slow can mean story, not sex! :)


tbh that way ur doing is better, playing avn games for sex only is just waste of time, most of ppl playing it for story and u did it great

What software did you use for the characters and animation? I want to make my own VN with a similar style because this looks so good

Honey Select 2


congratssss kat

i know you can pass that 😊

Thank you! 🎉

You said its not harem, do I need to choose at the end?


In theory, yes. It's best to narrow girls more and more towards the end, because the more you try to pursue everyone, the more points and events you will miss.
As of ep3, there is no real big drawback for going for all of them, but that will change in future. 


bruhh i was playing this then i see my man Chang from Eternum 


We had a collab Cari and I, one of my characters appears there too!

Whos that character bwt?

This is a fun game but... ugh i dunno. It would be a LOT better if the player had a bit more control over who to persue. Like, right now the redhead tried to make out with mc, i had mc knock it off cuz for my first playthrough i wanted to focus on goth chick, goth chick and redhead had a big argument earlier an mc found out that goth chick made out with redheads crush. So, as payback redhead pulls mc into a room and starts making out with him. When he stops it she cries and runs off. Gee, i wonder why.... (mc is incredibly thick not to figure that one out. Not exactly top marks in college smart.) At this point were forced to follow redhead. But thats stupid. Shes a bitch, fuck her. I wanna go do other shit and ignore her. But there is no option to do that. And since i have 0 investment in redhead the whole thing feels like a chore. 

Repeat for the whole scavenger hunt. We get the big blowout argument and, instead of getting some form of closure we get a stupid scavenger hunt where mc doesn't even get to chose whichever girl he wants to team up with. 

I hate  being rude, and i dont mean to sound it. I really enjoyed everything i played to and including that blowout fight. Dialogue is funny, characters are semi realistic and eventho i usually prefer more roaming elements in these games and time sometimes seems to go a bit too fast (as in id like to do more in a day than 1 scene) i think most scenes are between a 7.5/10 and a 9/10. Thats really high marks for me. 


Some understandable critique, however do keep in mind (from what I've seen on the deleted comments) that the game is a non harem that will slowly start to branch out a bit more. There is many things that I wish to convey to the player and that the player will have to see, both here and in some future episodes. Initially, when I was just starting to write the episode 1, I had huge ideas of making the player have absolute control, but that's completely impossible, especially for a single person working on the game.
Not to mention, one of the biggest complaints is the complete opposite, players disliking that so much content can be missed due to choices and going with one girl instead of the others.
Overall, there is no perfect balance where everyone will be happy, but I'll try to have a balance that I both find best and what most people should be satisfied with. Unfortunately, that balance won't satisfy everyone.

Wait deleted comments arent deleted for you? Well... now im embarrassed. I promise, just a knee-jerk reaction and me trying out The Kraken rum for the first time after being a beer drinker my entire life lol. 

I dont get the "content can be missed" comments, i mean fair play, we all enjoy different things and the world would be a boring place if we all liked the same stuff . I mean imagine a world where everybody was a adam sandler fan. Yikes.  But being able to miss content means there is replay value. You can play it again and have a completely different experience. I value that a lot in a game. Like, last year i bought guardians of the galaxy on PC. great game, awesome score. But, it had a barely functioning newgame+ system so i played it exactly once and that was it. Great game, but it barely registers my awareness of awesome videogames. Mass Effect Legendary Edition on the other hand has nearly 700 played hours on it because of replay value. 

I can see how complete control would be a really big pain in the ass to make. I don't envy the people behind BADIK and CK because of the level of choice they have to carry forward with each game. So i get that its a lot of work and you have to create a lot of different paths. So i understand that isnt really realistic. If i were to boil my "complaint" down it would be that MC is too stupid. Anyone could see from the context of what redhead was trying to do to goth chick by trying to ride him. I mean mc was there during the blowout fight where it was revealed what goth chick did to redhead.

I also chose to ignore redhead's advances (i did have to start the game again when i figured it out when goth chick whispered about not wanting to meet her and having redhead said "say hi to goth chick for me" ) so imo it made 0 sense for mc to follow redhead up to the roof. He should have gone to goth chick since every choice ive had mc make was to follow her path. 

Anyways. enough Karening for one night. You've made a great game so far and i really enjoyed it. Sorry if i came across as rude.

Just my two cents but it amazes me that criticism here is better expressed & better recieved than, well, most places.

GJ both of you.


When will the next update come or episode 4, really great game btw!

Will be quite a while as I am pushing through my last year of university, which is held in a completely different city than where I live.  Best to check progress reports when I make them!


guys this universe is the same as eternum
there is also another guy called Chang here, who looks the exact same as the guy in eternum
this cannot be just an easter egg, there is no way
therefore eternum (the game) is also in this universe
im not crazy i swear

he is even extremely invested in heists
they are the same 


Uh, it's called a collab. Cari and I had a small collab so other persons character appeared. Nothing more to it really ^^

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there is no collab this is a deeper conspiracy 
i am 115% sure that annie is secretly in the background somewhere... i just have to find her
(also this is a great game keep going)

If you ever manage to find Annie, could you please post a screenshot here? Thank you!

(1 edit) (+1)

if i find her i will gladly post the screenshot here
have a good day

Well not only Chang but also Michaela his girlfriend.

what a strange name! MichaelA
is there a MichaelB?

Is the game over ? I mean after the Serena hotel top thingie.


No? You still have the  walk home and next day on uni.

Yeah i mean after that the games over? Or new update is gonna come

Of course there will be future updates, but will take time due to working on this alone and having to deal with my University and exams.

Why i cant enter the game its always getting out when i enter the game 🥺🥺

I don't know what you exactly mean. What platform do you play on? pc/mac/android?

ill play it in Android . I mean when i click New game its aLways get me out Like i cant enter in the Game . Its there something you can advice 

Unfortunately, if Android, not much I can help. It's very fickle. Have you tried other, similar, Renpy games on android? Any issues with others?
And is ep3 your first time playing Fates, or did you play some previous update on Android?

Hi dev pregnancy is planned?


Not really. Maybe in the very ending, but not as an actual feature during normal play.


I cannot describe my happiness when I had realized that Chang was in this game. I absolutely love it so far.

Glad you enjoyed it! (hopefully for reasons beside Chang too :D)

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