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Fates Collide is a choices matter Visual Novel where you will experience romance, slice of life moments and much more.

Game overview:

All your life, you have been shuffled from one place to the next as your parents followed their careers. You've drifted along aimlessly in their wake, unable to make plans, friends, or put down roots because of the constant changes. Now it's time to set aside your apathy and reset your life. For the first time ever, you've decided to make a move on your own terms. Ardoria, the city of life and education, is opening the doors of its famous University to you. Meet new people, make friends or enemies, and find the girl of your dreams. This might be the city you have been yearning for..

About me:

The more time I spent playing games over the years, the more I enjoyed games where my choices mattered. And as Covid came and we all got locked inside our homes, I stumbled upon Visual Novels. So I said screw it and tried making my own game. Do note, I had absolutely zero experience, in coding, writing, character creating, etc. If any part you find lacking in game, feel free to reach out and comment, I would be glad to receive feedback.

I am a full-time employee hoping to make this work, and if it shows potential to both you guys and myself, I'd love to change my career choice and work full-time on this. Being burnt out by my current job also helps :D

Support and community:

If you enjoyed my game, please consider supporting the development of it on my Patreon or SubscribeStar where I post a lot of stuff for the game and you get exclusive content. I also have a Discord server which is open to everyone, feel free to reach out to me there with any suggestions!



Updated 4 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreVisual Novel
Tags3D, Adult, Eroge, Male protagonist, Meaningful Choices, Ren'Py, Romance, Slice Of Life


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Avis has the best booty.


i see FALAZIO in Eternum 😁

Wink wink 😁


i really like that guy, Eternum should pay TF for you 😁 for borrowing Falazio..

anyway i like your game sir/mam

kat, i almost played it trice times..

great work !

Haha, was just a small collab I had with Cari! 

Glad you enjoyed it! More to play soon.


bro this is the best game i ever played

Glad you enjoyed it! 


Really liked the song during Serena's event in the club. 


Anal sex?


I'd like that as an option for Valentina. She has something stuck up her ass. Send in the probe.


Looking forward to the next update! Absolutely love this!


I've tried the game yesterday and loved it. Nice story, cute girls and amazing render quality. Can't wait for episode 3.


I don't like their characters, but at least they're cute.


Are there any H scenes yet? By the way this is my favorite vn I have ever played! Keep up the amazing work


No real H scenes yet. Besides some teasing that is. It's a slower paced one, and the first scene will be in episode 3.


What fetishes do you have planned? Love that it doesnt rush into the h scenes as in other AVNs, instead actually gives the characters time to grow b4 you do things with them, and glad that the MC isn't too pervy.

For actual fetishes, most of the things aren't set in stone yet. Anything more extreme you can more or less forget about, as it will be more vanilla oriented. However some characters might have certain quirks, but as I said, nothing yet set in stone. Glad you liked the overall vibe of it!

I'm more of a vanilla guy myself, breeding is the only "fetish" I have ig. I just mainly asked cuz I try to stray clear of certain fetishes that don't interest me. Thankfully you said it'll be less extreme. Keep up the good work. The only thing that bothered me, is the hair cut of the MC, but it grew on me😭

Giggle, seems like it's either "pretty good" or "pretty bad" with mc hair, no inbetween. I am very limited by hair in my engine, however I am open to hair changes, for both males and females throughout the game. As long as they of course make sense, mc isn't suddenly going to grow hair to his butt in one week. So yeah, if I manage to find some good hair that fits him and can be believable, I might introduce it ingame!


Beautiful Story, KatanaVN , I think this is the best visual novel game I've ever played! . By the way, when is episode 3 released?


Thanks for the kind words!
Unfortunately due to my University and me focusing on it, it's definitely delayed to what I would wish for, and I don't want to give any dates yet. However... It's going well! The next progress update (upsie, forgot again to post here) will show that we are slowly getting there, and it's definitely coming this summer.


Test this game randomly, and it's freaking good.

The characters are very endearing, the story is nice. I can't wait for the next chapters, congrats!

Thanks for the kind words, I hope you stick around 😊


This game is very good!

Thank you KatanaVN!

Thanks for playing it!


Hi KatanaVN,

very good game. I Iove your work. i enjoyed it so much. I like humour there and little bit mystique too. Story is perfect and i like, when i have so many choices, because, i can play game again and with different choice. I love, when i have to play again. :)

I like characters and their stories, but favorites for me are Koko, Avis and Serena. But Falazio would tell me: "bros over hoes man". :)

Koko, because she is japanese, cute and for her personality. 

Avis, because she has independent style, little bit rude, but nice.

Serena, because she is redhead and mystique girl haha.

I can´t wait for new update.

Thanks for the kind words! 
Falazio somewhere giving you a high five 😉


Great game 🥥


Thanks mr. Kokonut!


Really liking this one so far.  Great looking characters, with unique personalities.  I can see myself easily loving this story.  Unfortunately there wasn't enough of it out so far, so I'll be watching this one for updates regularly.

I'm really curious to see where the Avis/Serena rivalry goes.  Both are great looking characters.  (I'm weak for redheads and the manic-pixie types lol)

Thanks for playing the game! The redhead weaknesses always score.


Didn't play the game yet but I already downloaded it so it's all good I'll review it again but I only saw that there isn't a harem Route hope you make it though. And I saw The settings and FINALLY A text opacity option. 

Thanks for making that happen hehe.

I'll comment again if this is good or not (which is going to be good since you have the Text opacity option)

Justice for opacity!


Damn that ending left me blueballed craving for more plot, this looks really promising, great work so far, anyways Avis best girl.

Thanks for playing the game! Hope you will enjoy the upcoming stuff too!


LOVE ALL THE CHARACTERS! The story, humor and everything is just amazing, can't wait for the next update. Will you be updating it here?

Yes, the next update will be rather slow, due to irl difficulties (university hectic times), but it will be uploaded here too. 

(1 edit) (+3)

..........why the fuck in one of the preview images is the (protaginist?, random bystander?, mental asylum escapee?) attempting to fist fight a vending machine??!? do i want to know?!?!......

apparently i do, because i'm download the game


That vending machine is a menace to society and deserves whatever it gets!


Hey KatanaVN!

I promised in a previous comment that I'd play the game give an honest review, so here it is!

First things first, this game is really good. And I'm not kissing your ass to get you to like me, I mean what I said, truly! What got me hooked was the comfortable storyline and the way you mixed in the perfect amount of humour, relatability and mystique to keep players curious as to what's actually going on.

The chracter models are something I need to commend you about next. Since this was your first game, I half expected you to make every love interest of the MC this DDD breasted chick with less than 60 IQ (believe me, more than one game dev has tricked me with that premise and it sucked), but you proved me wrong and gave these ladies decent backstories and personalities that I really adore.

Next up on the list of appreciation is whatever mystery plot you've got cooking up in the background there. Although the whole secretive mafia/high society scandal trope (troupe? Forgot how to spell it) is overused, your application of it was rather niche. Something I looked at and actually wanted to invest my time figuring out.

Now then, I will admit that I have not finished the current version of the game yet, but after playing it halfway through and getting the gist of the plot, I have to say that it doesn't feel like this is your first time doing this. You must have done some impressive research and time learning everything, from the coding on RenPy, to the character design on Honey Select's engine. And it all paid off greatly. So glad I decided to play this game. This is going to be a masterpiece by the time you're halfway to finishing the story, I tell ya'!

Oh, yes, and as for favourite characters, I simply adore Avis' style and persona. Maybe it's because I had a phase of being emo and into a lot of black clothes and gothic fashion (and I still am into gothic as far as I aware. I mean, how can I not be after playing Bloodborne? It's like the phase did a revival on me) but she's really a character I treasure. And her tough exterior is really endearing. Strong badass girls are always a turn on. As for Raiko, she's this cutie that I just wanna hug until her shyness goes away. You really hit home by giving these characters traits that a lot of players really relate to with a passion, which is why I think this will do extremely well in the future.

Oh! And the music! Damn it, you played like half of the stuff on my casual playlist! I was in the bar scene for literally an hour trying to figure out why one of the songs sounded so bloody familiar until it finally hit me. Well bloody done, mate!

As for my favourite character, it's Fa- oh crap, I forgot his name. How could I forget his name? Oh, you know who I'm talking about. It's the dude that tries his luck with every female within a ten metre radius of him. The one with the stubble. The one that can hold his liquor, and that see's almost EVERY sexy thing that the MC does. Who know who I'm on about, right? Yeah? Him, exactly. I love him. He's funny, he keeps the plot thickening and that secretive thing he and everyone else in the bloody town knows has me following like an exited puppy.

Lastly, as a word of advice, could you allow us to interact with the Gallery whever we pause the game? It's a bit tedious to keep exiting to the Main Menu to view any scenes we've unlocked for the various girls. Especially when you've finished the game but you just wanna speedrun it so you unlock the other scenes you missed. It'd be a big help.

Oh! And maybe think of including a downloadable OST when you've officially finished the game. I know I'd be happy to download it.

Anyway, my review is done. Have yourself a great day and keep safe. God bless you, mate :3

Thank you so much for the detailed review!
While I am still worried daily about the characters, seems like for the most part, they are very well received and detailed. 
Yup the Gallery will be added inside the game pause menu, it was meant to be added but I forgot, ups 😐.
For OST itself, it's a bunch of non copyright songs. Rather not have it as downloadable, but maybe one day I can compile a list at least. Will see, no promises.


When is the exact update release? BTW very nice plot and the characters too an absolute work of art

Thank you! 
Unfortunately, impossible to say, especially as I am extremely slowed down for 5 more weeks, till I (hopefully) finish this semester in university. 


This deserves a lot more of recognition. I hope time gives you what you deserve. It was amazing so far.


Thank you for the kind words! 


I feel like this might have been a question that was answered before but harem or nah? Either way I'll still play the game.


Yes, this game isn't harem.

So the MC needs to focus only in one girl?


You can focus on multiple at this stage, but it is recommended the further you go in (especially in future updates) to focus more on one girl for best results with them. 


You have zero experience in making games and yet, just looking at the design of the characters and your way of speaking, I can tell that this game is going to be amazing. I'm looking forward to playing this. Will give a review afterwards.


I hope you like the game!


This is by far one of the best VN I've played. Btw, do you have the link to the club music?

Thank you for the kind words!
Can you specify at which exact stage? Depending on which girl you choose etc. it changes, there is probably 5 or so different ones.


I'm good now, found it using shazam.

keep up the good work, looking forward to the rest of this game.


Great job for a first time. I mean great job period, but that's even more impressive given that it's your first.

Thank you for the kind words! I hope you continue playing it.


Avis and Raiko hard decision but props you did really well with each character making them unique and the story so far has a great flow can't wait for ep3


Have fun with even more hard decisions later! :D

Looking forward to it


loving the game already, keep up the good work kat


thank you for the kind words!


im actually in love with Avis, she’s perfection, 1000000% will be pursuing her in future updates.


Thank you for the kind words! And uh seems like some non Avis fan was here to dislike :D


The loading screen shows a catgirl but there have been no catgirls so far, THEY LIED TO US, DO NOT FALL FOR THEIR SCA-

Joking aside, really loving the game, the cast of characters is great, can't wait for the next update.

Dimitri Secret Romance Route when


Thank you for the kind words!

Uhhhhhh Dimitri get back here, stop running!


Hi, really loved the game. I was wondering if you have any kind of walkthrough for the game now or have any plans to make one in future? Thank you


There might be some in the future, but won't be that soon. Possibly after ep3, a walkthrough in form of a pdf file.

How i can play on Android

Hi, I heard there is some android port  online but it isn't made by me and its use is at your own risk. I would recommend waiting for 2.5 update (2-3 weeks public) as that one will have a proper android port.

Maybe use JoiPlay


Aw, not where I was expecting it to end. Makes the wait for episode 3 fun though, can't wait to see how the party goes!

I have a hard time believing that you've had 0 experience with writing and all that before this! The characters all actually feel different from one another with their own personality traits and are all interesting.

Now I understand what DnRch was saying, it's obviously far from time to discuss or think about endings but it's already a tough pick and it's only episode 2!


Thank you for the kind words!
Yup tried my best to make them different, unique, and strong characters in their own sense. 
Itch.Io has been pretty neglected by me so far, but you and everyone else can expect a bit more updates and progress posts in the upcoming months.


Awesome, I'm very much looking forward to it! Hope things go by smoothly for you

(1 edit) (+4)

Loved the episode 1!

Quick question: Do you plan this to have a harem ending or only monogamic ending? 

(Hoping to have a harem ending cuz I can't choose only one of them) 


Hey DnRch, thank you for the nice words!

While harem ending wasn't something that I planned, you can have a harem more or less till the end :D

With that said, ending is quite far away so I will have this in my consideration.



If ever harem ending will be applied, I would like to suggest to make choices that may lead to a harem ending or one-girl ending [however, it would be more work for these as the renders for one girl (ending) will be different from the other girls (endings)]. 

But yeah, we're still far off the ending so keep up the good work and take care of yourself too!! 



Honestly it does sound fun to make it doable somehow in the end, if anything to satisfy people's curiosity 😉

And thanks for joining our Discord! If I got the right person, I think I did haha


Yup! You got the right guy hahahah. I originally wanted to suggest this in Discord, but was shy hehehe


Fantastic keep it up

Thank you!

Small update coming, but only to fix some typos, prologue, few missing pictures and such that I got reports on.

Could you write down what kind of content you have now and what you plan to add.

No problem!

To shorten it down, Visual Novel style with romance, humor, adult content from next episodes, university life with a bit of thug & crime stuff. Also choices matter.

Tag wise it's very Vanilla, so it wont include hot topics like Incest, NTR, Futa.

It does include mention and use of drugs, although it's quite the minor part of it.


Might be a good thing to put in the description :-)


Not a bad suggestion, copied what I wrote here into the description ^^


Can't wait till the next update, I really enjoyed episode 1 :)



Thank you so much for your kind words! If you want, you can join me and the small community so far on Discord for more news and updates :D